Its time for pubg mobile only sub games road to 2k subscriber

User name – Cloud9luciferr

Donate via paypal. –

My Instagram –

hop in my discord if you wanna play with me
donation via paytm – 7007276064

Support the stream: wanna play mobile pubg together just send me request my username is Cloud9luciferr i will add you and we will play in next game.

link of emulator i am using

you wanna play with me no problem bro i got you
hop in my discord
if you somehow reached to my channel pls take time and msg me in my livestream.

my pc specs
processor- AMD fx 6300
GPU – msi 1050ti
ram – 8gb ddr3

terrible specs i know but working my ass off to buy new pc hopefully oneday maybe pray for me.
BTW every member is welcome here we are not very good at game specially me lol.
have a nice day my friends or i say brooooooooooooos and yes i am INDIAN .



  1. nani nayak より:

    2 K Congo I’m first love you from ♥

  2. G B Rajashekar より:

    You play arcade so everyone can play


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