MAX ZOOM: Popping Tires & Popping Helmets! PUBG Mobile

MAX ZOOM: Popping Tires & Popping Helmets! PUBG Mobile | Powerbang Gaming
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Miramar PUBG Mobile action with that 8X scope… Kar98K, and AWM doing work and supported by the M416! Chicken never tasted so good!

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  1. Powerbang Gaming より:

    That Hacienda loot though… <3

  2. NecketieXD より:

    Theres no way ill get the giveaway for sure

  3. Jyotirmay Nath より:

    PB please give a review on L1 R1 triggers. Is the shooting experience any better?

  4. Tyrese Phillips より:

    What server does poserbang play on?

  5. Aldrin Sean Pereira より:

    Do an smg comparison video

  6. htetlin aung より:


  7. Allen Harvey Paran より:

    I’m from the Philippines. One time, I decided to jump into the North American server. Although I never ran into Powerbang, the entire time I was like “PB please don’t jump outta nowhere.”

  8. pubg disc より:

    Bro can u arrange some thing like competition or something server where the discord members like us can play with u?
    LOL we also need such kind teammates!

  9. Jahir Tarafder より:

    Its better to other players to equip as many kar98 available in order to stop PowerBank make his move… hehehehe

  10. Rohan Ravishankar より:

    Thank u for ur suggestions won a duo match with 17 kills thank u so darn much 😁


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