UPDATE 0.7 PREVIEW | PUBG Mobile Lightspeed | New Weapon, Scopes, Attachments & Flare Gun?

This Update is gonna be Big for pubg mobile lightspeed. There is no official date when to expect This, but it should be out soon 🙂


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  1. Izzo より:

    Update 0.7 for Chinese version Will bring
    – A new Sniper Rifle: SLR
    – 3x scope
    – 6x scope (variable)
    – New Attachments
    – Emote System
    – Flare Gun (Maybe)

    This sounds exciting 🙂

    Discord: https://discord.gg/RdcBStZ

  2. BMXGLive より:

    Dope video man! I got one coming soon next month. First day on YouTube also

  3. Do you Know da wei より:

    They should add gloves with knuckles that would be cool tho and first person mode while driving a car Congrats man you earn a SUB👍👍❤❤

  4. Ajr 1215 より:

    I wish they added the 15x scope

  5. HotPocket-CN より:

    They need to add skins for guns like on pc

  6. KhaldBezt {: より:

    SLR not sniper rifle is DMR with AR

  7. Lt. Ningjoy より:

    Every update gonna be awesome man

  8. Amirul Akmal より:

    where to download this pubg mobile chinesse version?

  9. Denis Merticariu より:

    understand chinese? where are u from?

  10. Erwin Duenas より:

    When will it released


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