How to win in PUBG MOBILE “The Beginning” TIPS!

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Hello Everybody in this video The7WorldsGaming will be showing you some tips and best practices on how to win in PUBG MOBILE! This PUBG MOBILE series will be split into 3 episodes so make sure to subscribe to stay up to date.



  1. Cesar luque より:

    :v shidori :y

  2. fernando macias より:

    Para cuando la primera persona

  3. Paris Lawrence より:

    You should rock some black ear gauges.

  4. Skillaholic より:

    We need a third weapon slot for pistols that would be really helpful pls like for them to see thanks!

  5. XxDJ-KravexX ! より:

    I have 113 wins ! Guys don’t listen to him ! The way I win is the luck I have
    This mean : just relax and use a iPhone 7 or s8 for better game experience

  6. عمر اللهيبي より:

    waht is your device

  7. HairyCheeseNugget より:

    I hate this guy’s voice

  8. Minecraft Kafası より:

    5:48 bot :d 🙁 GAME 90% bot

  9. Gautam Singh より:

    You don’t need beginning tips for pubg mobile. The game has bots

  10. Grade E quality より:

    I won my first game. No aiming skilld and the game is filled with bots.


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