MIRAMAR ISLANDS – Too Dangerous to Land? PUBG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile’s newest map Miramar has several mysterious islands off its coastline. These islands are rumored to have great loot and special treasure… but is dropping here worth the risk? Is it too dangerous? Powerbang explores a Miramar island drop in today’s video – will he get the chicken dinner?

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  1. UNS33NSHAD0W より:

    How is it you complain about loot and pass up a m416 I’d smash u in this game

  2. Nathan Johnson より:

    The jetskis are at the doc

  3. hero tiger より:

    Can you add me as a frend im level 44 name is herotiger

  4. Joaquin Castillo より:

    why did he have 2 m4’s the entire game when he saw many different weapons in the match…

  5. [BMXS1] Twitchy より:

    definitely not worth it lol

  6. D E M O N I T I Z E D より:


  7. Loitering283/238 より:

    Lol when I started exploring by myself yesterday, it was fun to have all the mysteries to solve.
    Luckily the islands were in the circle zone for 2 rounds. Wasn’t planning to win tbh but in end no3, sho angry in end somehow lolll.

    Pretty scenic. Anyway just use logic instead of running around. Look at the map and see where there is most likely there to have a boat or a hovercraft which is what I did. Only one boat per island I think. I visited them once, probably won’t ever again.

    Stellar view from above islands

    And theres a tinier island with only a deckchair that was it I think. God knows who will go there lolll.

  8. Keon Szymanski より:

    How did u clucth that win??

  9. Ethan Moilanen より:

    Ayy you hit 100k

  10. Toby Nebeker より:

    So why tf are you giving tip videos for this game when you are complete trash? why were you complaining about your loot while you were on an​ M4? just saying bro, get good before you say that you are good


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