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Fighting for a chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile!
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  1. Corey Tailor より:

    Yess!!! Even though its mainly against bots I am still happy they are doing PUBG! I hope they do the console one soon.

  2. Yeet Skeet Beat My Meat より:

    Your character is *T H I C*

  3. frozenaorta より:

    Arin definitely paid off 99 other people with that sweet sweet PUBG money.

  4. Alex Doiron より:

    Good job Arin, proud of you
    And you too Dan, looking out for your bud

  5. Cameron Campbell より:

    So I got a Fortnite ad before the video and a Fortnite ad during the video… well played YouTube

  6. sapnupuas より:

    30 minutes! Xmas is here 😀

  7. Derby Games437 より:


  8. Absolutely Solid より:

    I know you probably won’t see this Arin but Did you seriously not open your inventory once this entire video you had a better scope than that crappy red dot and btw grass doesn’t render really far away so if a dude was sniping you he’d just see an idiot prone on a hill

  9. Mario Skylight より:

    Then after recording realizing those were bots XD

  10. Trixstir より:

    And they didn’t tell you your first few game is vs bots >.<


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