PUBG Mobile On New OnePlus 6 | Best phone for PUBGM / Gaming ?

Note : Video isn’t sponsored by OnePlus.
So I just got my hands on to the brand new OnePlus 6 and the first thing I did after setting up the phone is Play pubg mobile on it. With the highest setting possible. So let’s see how it holds up against the other flagship.

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  1. CLASH OF FUN - Clash Moments より:

    *Video not sponsored by Oneplus.*
    *Fun fact: camera footage is taken with my OnePlus 5.*

  2. GreenlanternYT より:

    why d f is the price in rupees

  3. DeathAngel より:

    Hey I have two questions : did it get hot while playing and how was the battery life while gaming?

  4. 論破される側の人ぎらてぃすతెలుగు より:


  5. Pm sidhu より:

    gosh my life sucks

  6. Trickonomia gaming より:

    Bro u should change the style also because it makes ur game graphics look osm


    R u Indian??🎂

  8. Melih Bayindir より:

    Bro.. i play on my moto x4 Snapdragon 630/ 3GB RAM Pubg in HDR Graphics without lag.. waste of Money.

  9. Imlijangba Imchen より:

    Fuck, now I regret buying the 5t. Should have waited for the 6. My 5t heats up while playing PUBG


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