Surviving the Final Circle Ep. 1 – Late Game Strategy Video | PUBG Mobile

I’ve had a ton of requests for strategy videos talking through what to do if you get to the final 10 or so people, so this is the first of potentially many, hoping to provide you with insight to answer that question!

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  1. Sabotage SupplyLines より:

    Reply or pin if pubg is better than fortnite, love if fortnite is better than pubg

  2. Froze より:

    What you record with

  3. Mihir Kambli より:

    Half Damaged lvl 3 helmet or full health lvl 1

  4. Mohan Raghunath より:

    Nice play dude

  5. Mihir Kambli より:

    I hate the snake guys..

  6. Roberto Carloz より:

    You know what

    *Read more*

  7. birds eye より:

    Thanks for the tips and tricks I liked the video very much please make more videos like this and of loot locations. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  8. Jakob Westerlund より:

    During the mid ranged fight you had with the first contact you should’ve used single fire because you always missed the second shot in the small bursts. And if you have 2 AR’s in a circle large enough for mid ranged fights always keep the one with either burst fire or a longer scope on single fire. Besides that you did awesome

  9. DaSuper Mushroom より:

    Im new here hi derek !

  10. Rithvik Ram より:

    Hey Derek. I just started watching your videos and I like your strategy videos. I was wondering seeing how you look like a good player, could record full games and post them? I’m guessing you have friends on there, so squad gameplay, duos, solo, etc. I would love it and I’m pretty sure many other people would as well. So please consider. If you need advice on what type of gameplay or stuff, search “StoneMountain64” exactly like that. He plays on PC but videos like that if you consider. I WOULD LOVE IT if u could do gameplay videos ALONG with your advice videos (definitely don’t stop those). Thanks!