My FIRST FPP (First Person Perspective) Game | PUBG Mobile Lightspeed 0.6.1 | 15 Kills + 8X Fun

Many of you have requested to watch me play PUBG Mobile in FPP (First Person Perspective), however, I was putting it off because you need to be Level 15 in order to play on the FPP Only Server. I know there are a lot of bots in this game, however, it was still a fun into to FPP on a phone, and definitely something I plan to play a lot more of!

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  1. IrLmIrLIrEmirIII Emir より:

    When u didnt lose any health throughout the game lol. Support 0

  2. Yashas Vishwakarma より:

    Guys, How do I create Room?

  3. angelo arcangel より:

    I like the way how you explain things on this game which is so cool and not being too cocky unlike other content creators in YT. Keep it up.

  4. Mayur Wagh より:

    plzZ Derek give me downloading link of Chinese version pubg mobile

  5. 1000 subcriber withput video challenge より:

    How much GB is it now

  6. Gaming STAR より:

    Graphics are also little different looking from gloabal version in it.

  7. UnknownGamers より:

    Why theres is no lean

  8. Erixtax より:

    Which do you like the best fpp or tpp?

  9. Ahithero ! より:

    This is going to be alot of FUN!

  10. Akash ambrose より: