PUBG Mobile 0.7.1 ENGLISH Patch Notes | New Chinese Lightspeed Update Released

PUBG Mobile 0.7.1 was just released in China with a TON of new features – In this video I provide you with the translated English patch notes for this update, as well as when we can expect 0.6.0, the next Global Update, to be released. What feature are you most excited for?

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  1. Fruit Ninja より:

    Why did they buff all the guns except the SKS (and the AR’s)? Was the SKS too powerful already?

  2. P Kk より:

    I’m still having issues with the microphone. It cannot be enabled and if I tried to do so, my phone lags.

  3. Dhex Kun より:

    Derek ur cool

  4. Omari The People より:

    Your channel is the tech and information about pubg which I like

  5. clash trends yo! より:

    Global update are slow

  6. SescoDviejoC より:

    Im able to move the sprint button ( one near the map ) I’m on iPhone X recent PUBG update. Moved it near the joystick. This the button the version 7 is changing correct.

  7. JoelMikeandthebots より:

    THANK YOU!!! Ive been looking for someone to explain what all the changes are in this new version!
    I dont know if this was added in the last patch, but I noticed better magazines seem to auto equip even when you already have an inferior one equipped. Great change!

  8. EpicPredator1726 Pro より:

    I bet in the update 0.8 is the new map

  9. shiva tec&gamings. より:

    Good job dude

  10. Ayush Biswas より:

    Who else is glad that they subscribed to Derek?