Emote System Comparison | PUBG Mobile Lightspeed & TiMi Version!

Here is A Comparison of the Emote system in Pubg Mobile Lightspeed and TiMi Version. You Can see differences between both version 🙂


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  1. Izzo より:

    I compared Pubg Mobile Lightspeed and TiMi Versions Together. Here is A clear View of the differences.

    Lightspeed has only 6 Emotes
    TiMi has 12 Emotes

  2. NOTbadgamers より:

    I like your outro music

  3. Taneem Styles より:


  4. Kæīdėń_ßūâvē _Œ’Brįēñ より:

    Izzo I challenge you in a duo name: AlightMuffin35

  5. karanzone karanzone より:

    134 comment only emote in Japan

  6. Kabir Lakdawalla より:

    Quality over Quantity- Lightspeed
    Quantity over Quality- Timi

  7. TheBull001 より:

    Im playing pubg mobile (English one) and im on lightspeed’s side but we gotta admit it, timi emotes are better and more, lightspeed adds whatever they want, not those emotes pubg have in other words, timi wins on the emotes system

  8. Dark Ghost IQ より:

    Light speed is better I hate timi the game looks like free fire but light speed is better

  9. Game thon より:

    For what shit is that dancing emote.. I dont want that shit in global version… Then whats difference of pubg and fortnite

  10. I Don't Hack より:

    I am live guys
    Support me https://youtu.be/CciThs6jecI