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  1. GAMEPLAY X より:

    Copy of fornite

  2. Little Niggaa より:

    69 likes LOL

  3. Little Niggaa より:

    I think the dance is not for pubg, they should stick in handwave, clap etc

  4. karumma Naruto より:

    Fortnite should sue pubg for coping emotes😠😡 than fortnite can probably release fortnite android 🤗😇🤗😎😇🤗🤔😇🤗😇😇😇🤗😇🤗🤗

  5. itzizac_ playez より:

    And pubg says fortnite copied them but with the emotes in pubg who really copied? I mean wow pubg just wow

  6. RuleZ of GameZ より:

    Did i mention u rock?

  7. Kian Lim より:

    70th like😁 The flute sound got me😂

  8. Da King OF Games より:

    Best youtuber?


  9. Amaan Khan より:

    Nice one

  10. Harsh Gogia より:

    chin chin man is lob 😍