Its tough up the top. When the ratings season condense down to crown and up things get very very rough :). Today we look at me walking through some at times random and the times very deliberate gameplay in Crown 3 and beyond 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy it. It’s a new vid style for me thats far more raw and actual than the tactical walk throughs.



Welcome to the world of mobile gaming seen through the goggles of a tragic bald Australian named Bushka. World of Tanks Blitz, PubG, Rules of Survival and many more titles coming your way amigos. Buckle up and enjoy the live streams, colour vids, instructional moments and train wreck gameplay.



  1. Scott Davis より:

    Love it bushka , that last awm snipe was beautiful

  2. Super Trucker より:

    You have some of the best commentary. I always lmafo when you kill people. Keep up the great videos.

  3. ABN_TNKR より:

    Its not called a serpentine when you zig zag, its called a “sagger drill”. Lol The method is used buy Tankers to avoid the tracking of the guided Russian anti-tank missle. 😉 Just FYI Great game mate!

  4. Jullien Carew x より:

    Well played

  5. Alllrighty Then! より:

    I like your wookie roar at the end

  6. Blizt king king より:

    How do you play solo in Squad??!

  7. rvFio - より:

    This is something i dont want to do Mr Bushka, solo squad! Nice gameplay!

  8. shooter1776 -RUSE より:

    Haha I feel like you were in a very silly mood when you recorded this video

  9. Ibrahim Mamdouh より:

    How can I increase the graphics without the game being choppy? I’d like to have higher graphics but as soon as I upgrade them the game gets choppy

  10. Alfred Seforona より:

    Great gaming bushka…love your video’s…shout out all the way from tarawa kiribas.