How to Enable WAR MODE in PUBG Mobile 0.7.1 | Time Zone = China Number 1 | Lightspeed

After having trouble joining a War Mode Entertainment Mode match after upgrading to 0.7.1 I decided to figure out what was wrong. In order to play War Mode 2 conditions must be met:

1. Your local device time is between 6pm and 1am on weekdays, or 12pn(noon) to 1am on weekends

2. The server time (Chinese) must also be between the hours listed above.

I found it easiest to just set my device time to the current Chinese time, as this removed any guesswork :] For those of you who have played War Mode what do you think of it? Leave your thoughts in the comments section down below!

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  1. Boby Fiqhi Albanjari より:

    The global ver. Im still waiting the new update pfftt -_-

  2. Maximuz Avocado より:

    Mine has a glitch when I select it won’t select and I can’t even get ir

  3. Maximuz Avocado より:

    Thanks man

  4. Adam Almaleky より:

    how did you even get this version

  5. PizzaHunter _24 より:

    Thats why I hate Chinese

  6. Jibreel Sajjad より:

    6 am to 1 pm?!?!?
    I’ll be in school during that time…

  7. Foxex より:

    Please tell me what to do, I put my third face, arcade, war mode, I click on OK, but the war mode flies and all other modes are set except without war mode, I will be grateful

  8. Erixtax より:

    Good video

  9. Rafin hassan より:

    Could you make a video on how to enable HD graphics and the high frame rate mode on the 0.7.1 update?

  10. Ded Snek より: