PUBG Mobile WTF | Funny Moments Episode 16

PUBG Mobile WTF | Funny Moments Episode 16
Welcome you’ve come to channel ” PUBG Mobile WTF – Funny Moments “, this will be a channel specializing in funny and wtf moments in the game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) , hope you support.
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#Credit :
1. Zayd Phillips
2. Septiananda Arri Arcanggy
3. Danh Nam
4. Trunq Vương
5. Franck Tello Zamora
6. Jhonny Neto
7. Jásõn Nguyen
8. Andres Mendoza
9. Vũ Minh Giang
10. Eduard Đuar Alabado



  1. anonynous より:

    5:56, Name music??? ;-;

  2. Mr GAMER より:

    4:20 when i forget ur parachute

  3. Aurroz_ Knight 456 より:

    I like this wtf I got the purple trench coat today lol

  4. Gagan Deep Singh より:

    Really Funny videos 😎😂😂 music names plz 2.40 ,6.13 ,6.40 and 7.53 🔥👍😎

  5. dheeraj rawal より:

    took too much time man..🤔 plz upload fast

  6. NIKITA OMEN より:

    7:52 what is music name please

  7. DG GAMES より:

    tem até vídeo BR aí em kkkk ✌🇧🇷😂

  8. starlord :v より:

    Porque no usas nuevos videos en vez de videos de versiones de antes >:v

  9. PRO GAMERS より:

    8:12 it is the extreme FPP mode,😜😂😂😂🤣

  10. Ardos -The Ancient Super Saiyan God- より:

    Epic video bro…