PUBG Mobile Trigger Controllers | Do They Really Improve Your Game?

PUBG game controllers are getting really popular, do a quick search for them on Amazon India and you’ll see what we mean. But are these PUBG Mobile triggers actually any good? Do they really improve your game? We ask our in house experts who have used these controllers for their inputs.

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  1. Pankaj Kumar yadav より:

    I use claw method
    And i find it very helpful and quick other than normal user..😁

  2. Ance Jose Tom より:

    3finger game is better for me

  3. HARSH VARDHAN Srivastava より:

    Only for noob

  4. Ranjeet Kumar より:


  5. Aayu Mishra より:

    What do you think about playing PUBGM on PC using the tencent gaming buddy. It is a hot topic.

  6. Prabhu Dutta より:

    I Play 4 Finger Claw. Yep, it wasn’t easy to transition from 2 finger to 4 but I’d say it’s definitely worth it.

  7. Sanjoy Hait より:

    Pro mobile player… Don’t need thos tipes of things….

  8. Harshraj Singh Jadav より:

    Default + gyro

  9. Jackson Komban より:

    Default controls(thumbs) work fr me…

  10. AIM NINJA より: