You will be amazed by my teammates | PUBG Mobile | Unreal skills from my team!

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Random match, these guys are pro pro pro

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►Editing Program: iMovie
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  1. Izzo より:

    This video has been so weird to make, that’s why it looks so weird on the screen edges srys. Video quality and last 20 sec messed up🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  2. Zeeno1 Gamer より:

    Your so good because you are not


  3. Arpita Dey より:

    I think he fart=Izzo

  4. hari vishnu Srirangam より:

    Outro song please 🙏 anybody know ?

  5. GNSX Clown より:

    This happens to me too I hate teammates like this I’m on crown and they added bronze like what the hell auto add

  6. Furqan Shaik より:

    NYC gameplay

  7. alin8080 より:

    Great job Izzo, i know your channel since you had 6k subs,keep it up!😁
    P.S:i still have you in my pubg friend list xD

  8. epicmonsters of PUBG より:

    Can we play one game say

  9. Isaac Mova より:

    Hahaha funny video likeee

  10. RRCJR YT より:

    Playing with random squad you will find plenty of them… you are in battle and your team mates just chillin…