I Killed A Ghost | 24 Kills Vs Squad | PUBG Mobile

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Solo VS Squad

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Handcam Video : https://youtu.be/htSFTnqjp5o

Played on : IPhone X
Recording with : IOS Recorder



  1. Juan Carlos Hernández より:

    I just can say “Omg”

  2. Abhinetra Kumar より:

    Really awesome.. love this brother… 👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Vivek Pal より:


  4. Akash Gupta より:

    Where is the ghost?

  5. Hoshi S Rana より:

    This game play is awsm

  6. PUBG Fun Clasher より:

    Your akm recoil control is great

  7. Now then Forever より:

    Tht was incredible 😍😍😍

  8. ADH Gaming g.o.b より:

    Beside the Aug in the drop if there would be a M249 would you have took it ?

  9. Iyan Deadline より:

    DAMN ‘Jenious’ !!!! Fans From INDONESIA !!

  10. Werner Smuts より:

    You had your work cut out for you in this video. Well done for coming out on top as usual.. Great job.