FPP POV | Ultra HDR Realistic Movie Graphics Gameplay! | PUBG Mobile

Ultra HDR Realistic Movie Graphics in FPP!

Hey guys! So after I did the ultra realistic graphics video a lot of you guys were suggested that I try it in FPP so here’s the video! Make sure to SMASH that like button!

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Device: iPhone 8plus

Editing software(s): Videoleap & iMovie

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  1. Yanrique Wright より:

    Hey YANGANG! So I uploaded an ultra graphics video a couple days ago and a number of you requested it in FPP. Enjoy! 🙂

  2. Jonathan Ekales より:

    Next time use those high graphics and FPS settings but with either colourful , classic or Realistic style not Movie

  3. Harry Playz より:

    your 4th kill was a greek one!
    Greece lovers like here xd

  4. Bayran より:

    What phone is that ?

  5. Uday Kanth より:

    aren’t you bored of m4?

  6. akai flame より:

    Level up you braighnes plz,, so black out wk

  7. Clash Dudz0. 5 より:

    Bro from which app do you make your intro

  8. Aayush Stha より:

    Timro maya kati xa ti he barai

  9. Lasosus Kekw より:

    i have acc for sell , s234 max s5 level 50 , 24 set , 150$ only , full skin whatsapp me +60142146958

  10. Alexson King55 より:

    Very nice gameplay i very like this gameplay