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PUBG(mobile) USERNAMES : LaadLa , SN | AzU
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PC SPECS = intel i5 4570
= gtx 1060
= 16gb ram
= 500gb ssd
= 1tb hard drive
MONITERS = ( Dual Moniters )
= Lg ips 24mp55 60Hz
= Dell 24′ led moniter 75Hz
ACCESSORIES = Redragon Tiger Mouse
= Redragon RGb Mouse pad
= Bloody G437 Gaming headset
= Mechanical Keyboard
= Bm400 microphone with desk mount

PC SPECS = intel i7 4790
= GTX 1070
= 16gb ram
= 240 ssd
= 1tb hhd
MONITORS = dual monitors
ACCESSORIES = LK switch keyboard (bloody)
= corsair hs60 (headsets)
= logitech web cam
= LK switch mouse (bloody)
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