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Paytm ans Google Pay :- 7780404446
(Don’t try to call )

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ID :-https://instagram.com/itsbopedope?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=10zo48p3wuhua

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Discord :- https://discord.gg/ct63rX8

➥Clan requirements :
Minimum requirements : Tier – Ace , K/D -5+,Matches played – 160(Tryouts will be delayed )
Recommended requirements : Tier – Ace , K/D – 6+ , Matches played – 200(Tryouts will be conducted instantly )

Note :- KD is the basic  requirement focusing on communication , coordination,situation handling will increase your chances of getting selected in BOPE.

➥First 10 donations :
Error Maxpne- ₹20
Rohit Koli – ₹20
Exyno – ₹1000
T7 Taxlo Gaming  – ₹40
Ums Mahesh Reddy – ₹20
Smarty – ₹40
Prem Kolthakar – ₹20
Yash  Kumar – ₹100
Parth – ₹80
Seal Goldy – ₹1400

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➥Rules of Live chat :
⇾No hate speech (racism,abusive words etc ..)
⇾Please be respectful to everyone in the chat.
⇾Please don’t yell at mods you may get  timed out .
⇾Repeated offences will lead to ban.
⇾No promotions are allowed.
⇾Don’t spam in the chats.

➥Streaming  setup :
Phone :- iPhone Xr 64gb
Streaming app :- Omlet Arcade
Screen recording app :- iOS screen recorder

➥Streaming schedule:
I will try to stream daily atleast once.


➥Intro music :-


Thank you  everyone for supporting me. Your support means a lot to me. You guys just motivate me to play better I  hope that you keep supporting me like this. I assure you that I will try to bring some awesome content . You guys are the reason for my achievements . Join the Dope army now. Peace ✌️